Timm Haucke

I am an incoming PhD student at MIT CSAIL, focusing on the application of computer vision and machine learning to ecological problems. Previously, I was a research assistant at the University of Bonn and worked on the AMMOD project, advised by Volker Steinhage. Please feel free to take a look at my projects on GitHub and at my publications below.


SOCRATES: Introducing Depth in Visual Wildlife Monitoring Using Stereo Vision

Timm Haucke, Hjalmar S. Kühl and Volker Steinhage

Automated distance estimation for wildlife camera trapping

Peter Johanns, Timm Haucke and Volker Steinhage

Overcoming the Distance Estimation Bottleneck in Estimating Animal Abundance with Camera Traps

Timm Haucke, Hjalmar S. Kühl, Jacqueline Hoyer and Volker Steinhage

Towards a multisensor station for automated biodiversity monitoring

J. Wolfgang Wägele, Paul Bodesheim, Sarah J. Bourlat, Joachim Denzler, Michael Diepenbroek, Karl-Heinz Frommolt, Matthias F. Geiger, Birgit Gemeinholzer, Frank Oliver Glöckner, Timm Haucke, ...

Automated Visual Large Scale Monitoring of Faunal Biodiversity

Bernd Radig, Paul Bodesheim, Dimitri Korsch, Joachim Denzler, Timm Haucke, Morris Klasen and Volker Steinhage

Improved optical phenotyping of the grape berry surface using light-separation and automated RGB image analysis

Timm Haucke, Katja Herzog, Pierre Barré, Rebecca Höfle, Reinhard Töpfer and Volker Steinhage